Tips for Roulette Winners

One popular belief is that it is impossible to win in a roulette game. However, many gamblers all over the years have started to play the game using different game strategies, one of the first of them was Martingale. One thing you need to consider about this kind of gambling strategy is that you place your bet and double it every time you lose. In other words, when you win you would get all the money you have already placed as the bet and you would also win some extra counters. Many gamblers have lost loads of money using this gambling strategy because the consequences in the long run are devastating. No matter what gambling strategy you make use of, there is no way of eliminating the gambling house favorable position. First learn the roulette rules in order to be able to play this game of chance.

Red Bets Only

A good idea is to gamble on red pockets. As you know there are eighteen red pockets in a roulette wheel and the total amount of pockets is thirty-seven and that includes the single zero pocket. Your chances of getting a red number are 48.65%, this means that if the wheel swirls more than thirty times, your chances of getting a red number are increased. Remember that this is strategy does not give you a sure win, as the chances that black number scores are also huge.

La Bouchere strategy

This strategy is very similar to the Martingale strategy but you don't have to put all your bets and your funds at risk. The amount of money you gamble results from a combination of numbers when you win or lose. As a general rule, the gambler tots the numbers at the front and end of a line up in order to calculate what the following bet will be. If the gambler wins, he eliminates the numbers on the outside and keeps playing with the following line. If he doesn't win, he should total the bets he placed before to the end of the line and gamble with the next line.

Dozen Bets Strategy

You have two alternatives. You can use the single or double dozen gamble strategy. In the single case the gambler should use a list of ante in order to enhance the gambler gradually. The objective is to win a dozen gamble before someone reaches the maximum of the table. In the case of the dozen bet, you should use a couple of dozen gambles and half of the ante of the single gamble.