Best Rules Roulette

ball_and_rouletteWhether you play  internet blackjack, craps, roulette or other game you must first learn the game rules. Rules is the basics of everything, especially when we speak about gambling games.

Roulette Table

 According to the game rules, roulette is played at the table with the wheel and chart known as the table layout. The roulette table layout contains 12 columns of numbered cells (for the inside bets) and extra sections for placing different types of roulette bets (outside bets). The roulette wheel has the same number of slots (36) as well as additional 0 ( zero) in European or French type of the roulette and 00 cell (double zero) in American roulette. The number spaces on the wheel and on the table are marked in black and red, but zero cells are colored green. In addition, the sections alternate with red and black and also odd and even numbers. The numbers pattern on the roulette wheel is created by the roulette inventors and today it is considered to be a rules roulette standard. A special white ball and multicolored chips for every gamer are used in the this game. It must be underlined that European or French and American variations of the game are practically the same because the rules roulette and objectives do not differ sharply, the most important distinction is the usage of double zero (00) slot on the wheel and number chart.

How the Game is Played

Due to the simple rules roulette game is simple to understand and play unlike download blackjack and other card games including poker and blackjack team play tournaments. To start the game the players make bets by putting colored chips on the table sections. The gamblers have option to place inside (on several or one definite spaces) and outside bets (on a selection of numbers). The roulette croupier starts the roulette wheel and lands the ivory ball on the outside line of the rotating wheel. When the roulette wheel stops gradually the roulette players are able to finish placing bets. According to the rules roulette players are not allowed to place more bets after the roulette croupier says “No more bets!” After the white ball stops at a one number section the winner is announced. The roulette croupier pays out winning bets and others are swept away for the casino. Payouts are various for different bets. For further information examine the Bet Types section.

It is worth mentioning that thanks to the simple rules roulette game is more social kind of game, that is why don’t get angry every time you can’t win. Relax, have a pleasant conversation with others and enjoy the game. The next wheel spin will be definitely fortunate for you!