Roulette History Overview

The history of roulette game goes back to 17-th century. It originated in France and the name “roulette” is in fact French meaning “little wheel”. Most investigators believe that the roulette actually was developed in China and reached France and other European countries a little bit later when the communications between Chinese and Dominican monks became steady. According to other facts in the history of roulette, the game was invented in Europe since ancient Romans played the game in which spinning wheel was featured. According to the widespread thought the idea of the game belongs to French religious philosopher, scientist, and mathematician, and physicist Blaise Pascal who spend his life on the construction of a perpetual motion machine. In fact, the game of roulette is the result of these attempts to realize the dream of wonderful device. Some gamblers claim that this fact in the history of roulette is simply a legend.


According to wikipedia, the first similar to the modern variation of game of roulette was played in 1720 and was called "roly-poly". Then this kind of game was banned in 1739 by the law. Despite this ban, it was soon revived was known as "Even-Odd". In the next fifty years the roulette game had been changing hence it turned into the modern variant of the game. The up to date roulette wheel was played in Paris gambling rooms in 1796. In a while the game of roulette conquered the USA. But in the United States the roulette game didn’t gain the same popularity like in European countries because American players were offered the double zero roulette.

Blanc Brothers and Modern History

There is a new stage in the history of roulette when two gamblers Francois and Louis Blanc made the single zero roulette game in 1842. Those days gambling rooms were considered to be illegal in France so roulette was spread in German where it was very popular. “En prison” option is another point that added to the popularity of the game. “En prison” rule gave the chance to decrease the house advantage and hence to increase the roulette players’ expectations. “En prison” option was a regular only in Europe while American gamblers were suffering from greedy casino owners.

According to the history of roulette, in the mid-1800’s roulette game appeared in Monaco as Prince Charles decided to try this kind of entertainment where gambling was not popular. Since gambling was prohibited in Germany, roulette players were welcomed to come to Monte Carlo to test their roulette skills. Then Louis Blanc together with Prince Charles III established own gambling hall which now is to regarded as a golden standard in gambling world. Louis Blanc wanted to draw rich gamblers to Monte Carlo and to do this he persuaded French authorities to construct new highway to the city. He managed to realize his dream and after casinos became legally permitted in France the gamblers still liked to go to Monte Carlo gambling rooms.

Game of roulette lost its fame after WWII when the gamblers were drawn by the blackjack games because they were regarded as beatable ones. However, roulette game is still played in different cultures and it is impossible to imagine online casinos without roulette along with the popular  online blackjack and poker.