Roulette FAQ for Beginners

As the number of roulette players is huge, the number of frequently asked questions is the same. Players can get answers on their questions easily from this FAQ article. You may always have lots of answers to ask, but here you will find the responses that will satisfy your desire to know more. They can help the novices to avoid constant losing.

What is the exact number that players prefer to play?

In real casino, roulette dealers will tell you that 17 is the most frequently chosen number. Yes this is true because 17 is situated in the center of the roulette table layout so every player can reach it. This number is next the zeros and it is easy to notice it even if you do not know the layout of the roulette table.

There are actually two types of players, those who choose one number, and those who prefer so-called even bets. All experienced players know that even bets are better as the chance to win such type of bet are very high.

I know after announcement "no more bets" any player can bet but if I place chips without understanding that rule that then what will happen?

If you trapped into this situation for the first time, the dealer may accept your excuse and let you off. But he will take such a decision after assuring that you will not do that again. One the other hand, the dealer may not believe that you do not know this key casino rules and dismiss you from the game. Moreover, if dealer thinks that you tried to cheated in this way, you can be dismissed from casino and even pay some penalty . You may have to be locked in jail for a certain period as well. So be attentive while playing roulette and always be careful so that you don't add chips in an unconscious mind to your roulette bets!

If I win and the other player insists that the winning chip belongs to him then what will happen?

If you faced with such a situation then talk with the dealer immediately. In most cases the pit boss will solve this dispute. You should remember that dealer always should always remember where players place their bets. If he cannot tell this information you should ask to check the video recorders (in all good casinos there are cameras near each table, so it can easily be seen who placed the bet). If dealer insists that bet was made by another player, you should ask some of the managers to help you, the matter is that dealer can also be involved in cheating.