Roulette Etiquette - Basic Principles

If you are playing roulette online there is no need to follow roulette etiquette, but if you are going to play roulette in land based casino you should know some specific rules of conduct at the roulette table.

Roulette Etiquette

  • All the bets should be placed before the dealer pronounces "No more bets". And if someone from players makes their bets after, such actions would be interpreted like cheating.
  • The players are not allowed to touch the chips which are already wagered as the dealer is the only person who deals with bets and all the payouts.
  • It is recommended to tip the dealer, as every player should to be polite. And usually the tip corresponds to the size of the player's bets. But it is allowed only in American casinos.
  • Every player should be respectful not only to the dealer but also to other players which are around.
  • Some European casinos have the dress code; so, one should take it into consideration before going out to the casino. But, again, American casinos don't have such strict demands.
  • Some casinos in United Kingdom have roulette casino clubs and only the members of a club are allowed to play in such casino.
  • If you can't understand some rules or you have some other casino games relating questions, ask the dealer, which will be glad to help you.
  • If you notice some mistakes while playing, say it to the dealer. Otherwise, you are able to lose your money.
  • After the game every player should exchange all the roulette chips for the regular ones. Otherwise, they will lose the value as soon as a player leaves the table and he wouldn't be able to receive his winnings
  • These are the basic roulette etiquette rules by following which you will always have a good time at the roulette table.