Oscar's Grind Betting Method

There are lots of strategies that can be applied to play Roulette. The list of Roulette systems is quite long and you can find it easily by searching it on any search engine. Since gambling has now taken to online casinos, more and more systems are coming out of players' minds. But, in case you have been seeking some classical systems then the Oscar Grind's System is the ideal strategy for Roulette.

History of the System

This system originated in the 1950s and it came out of a notorious gambler Oscar's mind. He won almost every game that he played. Grind was the name of the system used by him to win at his games.

How the System Works

This classical system for Roulette is quite simple to use. You start by betting on a single unit. And, if you win the first round, then you place the next bet which is larger in amount then the previous bet. And if you lose your last bet, then you are should not wager a larger bet at the proceeding spin. You will then place an equal amount bet as placed in the previous spin. This is the whole concept of the Oscar Grind's System.

Set Your Winning and Losing Limits

Players, who have used this system of Roulette, say that their winning chances tremendously increase when they play according to this strategy. There is another unique thing about this system. Before starting to play with this system, you have to fix a bankroll target or a payout limit. It also requires you to fix a limit for your loss. If you experience a losing streak ever after the 3rd or 4th spin, then the system does not advise you to keep continuing with the game. And, this limiting part of the system is crucial. In case it is not set up in place, there is a chance that you could face a lot of loss despite using this strategy.

The limits can be fixed in the following way:

  • When you fix your winning goal, it should be equal to half of your buy in amount.
  • The loss limit is fixed equal to 10 times the size of the unit bets.

As an example, if you bet $5, you need to stop playing once your losses are equal to $50, which is ten times your initial bet. The Oscar Grind's System strictly requires a player to stop playing when the limits are touched. If you stay within the limits, the system is not only effective but also safe.