Martingale Betting System for Roulette Games

Martingale Betting System is a system of betting that can be applied for the both modes online and offline. This betting system is well-liked because of its clearness and effectiveness.

Main Idea of Martingale Betting System

The idea of Martingale betting system is very simple but effective. You have to double your bet after each loss. That means if you lose $20, place bet on $40 next time. In case you lose this bet again, place bet again with $80. Continue doubling your bet each time you lose, but when you win – start with the initial bet .

Is the Martingale System Good?

No matter on which roulette wheels you apply this strategy, you should always remember about better odds. Actually Martingale System is not good for players because it doesn't work all the time. Besides, the table limits can also influence the way you use this strategy, for example, you will need to make the smallest bets possible to be able to double it each time you lose. Generally, the Martingale strategy, even being one of the money management strategies, is good mainly for players who can allow high bets. The betting that starts with $10 can quickly become $100.

Is Martingale System suitable for every player? If you play with small stakes, the system will be rather good for you. Nevertheless, you need to have some additional money to be able to bet a little bit more than you’ve expected. Just keep in mind that none of the money management strategies influences your odds of winning, they just give you chance not to lose all your money.

There are also some other betting systems and you can follow one of them. We recommend you such a betting system where you will increase bets after winning not after losing. In fact, you can use one of the martingale variations for that. According to Reversed Martingale strategy, you need to double your bet each time you win, but place the initial bet after each lost bet. That can bring you a little bit more winnings, but it is better to try this strategy by your own to understand whether it is good for you or not.