Play Live Casino for a Whole New Roulette Experience

Just when you thought you'd played every game out there, live casino takes gaming to a whole new level!

Every online game must have several factors to make it appealing. It must be easy and fun to use and provide a fair chance of winning. However, what makes the most popular games stand out from the crowd is the ability to re-create a casino-like atmosphere. In this respect, live casino is unlike any other gaming experience, allowing the player to actually participate in a real-life casino in real-time, rather than a virtual experience.

New Gambling Options – Game with Live Dealer

Despite the advanced technology involved, it is just as simple to download live casino as it is for any online game. Once you're started, the on-screen display is top quality. At the top of the screen is a box with the live table feed, featuring a dealer at the felt ready to play. Just beneath this, you will see a virtual table, which replicates every move on the actual table in real time. Last but not least is the crucial live chat box, which enables you to communicate directly with the dealer, who will be only too happy to chat with you. You can choose different screen view modes, including a full screen of the live casino and a zoom-in feature on the live table itself, which is particularly handy when the roulette wheel is spinning.

In addition to Roulette, live casino offers the option of playing Blackjack, Baccarat and Casino Hold'Em. This may at first glance appear a limited choice, but all of these games rely heavily on the dealer and so they are perfect for a live feed. Don't be surprised though if further options are added in the future.

Where live casino really stands out, is the real-life casino atmosphere. It would perhaps have been easier to give amateur 'dealers' a camcorder, but plenty of thought and effort has gone into giving live casino all the trappings of a land-based casino. The furnishings are sophisticated and smart, while the dealers themselves are able to run the table professionally and knowledgably while dressed in their best evening wear. In the background, you will hear the noise and familiar sounds of other tables, while spotting smartly-dresses croupiers wandering by. It all adds to the atmosphere.

All in all, live casino is a glimpse into the future of online gaming. Try it today!