European Roulette Variation in Details

The most popular game at any gambling house these days is the European style roulette game. In order to play the game you need a wheel and a gambling grid. The dealer swirls the wheel and throws the balls in a different direction. The gamblers have to bet on which numbers they think the ball will come up.

Special Kind of Wheel

The special thing about the European style roulette game is that it has a single zero slot and thirty-six other slots going from one to thirty-six. Another thing to take into account is that the slots are red and black and the single zero slot is green. And you should follow the roulette tips to win more.

Prior to the swirl of the wheel you have to gamble. When you gamble on this type of roulette game, you need to take into account a few things. Once you gamble the ball is made to roll on the wheel and when it stops moving and the ball hits a number and color you have chosen, you win. The amount of money you get will vary considering how and where you gambled.

Types of Gambles

A bettor can place a gamble on any number he chooses, or on any combination of numbers and colors he chooses. In the case of the European roulette there are two types of gambles. The first one is called inside gamble and the other gets the name of outside gamble.

If you want to place an inside layout you, you can bet on any of the numbers of the table. However, you need to know that there are several types of inside bets.

  • Straight bet: make sure that you put your counter on the center of the number
  • Split bet: place your gamble on the lines of two consecutive numbers.
  • Street bet: place your gamble on the line of three consecutive numbers.

If you want to place an outside bet you do it on the outside layout and you have different alternatives.

  • Column bet: you can place your gamble on three vertical columns
  • Dozen bet: you can place your gamble on twelve numbers
  • Even-money bet: you can gamble on eighteen numbers.


In the case of the European roulette game the payment will vary according to the amount of money you gamble.